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Thai Fried Rice with Shrimp

I am looking for a job. Of course I am not quitting my day job, which I like, by the way. I am looking for something in the kitchens of some of my favorite restaurants….so that I can learn their … Continue reading

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Poached Eggs with Sambal Olek

If I have to pick one breakfast that I can eat for rest of my life, it would be poached eggs. It is a complete turn around for me as until sometime ago undercooked eggs and runny yolks never appealed … Continue reading

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Chicken Tikka Masala

Valentines day was an alien concept for me growing up in India. I did not hear about it until I got into college (around 11th or 12th grade). Around that time Hallmark made it presence felt, unavoidably so. Giving someone … Continue reading

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Sliders with a Sizzle

Heard there was a football game last night, where some team from NY won. You’d think, how could she miss it, especially, while living in Indy? Well I didn’t, at least all the buzz in this city did not let … Continue reading

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