Hi there! I am Radhika. Besides being a mom of two kids, I am an Engineer, and a Business Management professional by day and a lover of food and photography at all times. I must admit that just as much as I like cooking, I even more like to take photos of the food I make and devour it visually before actually relishing it. My husband is my ever-faithful-guinea-pig and an impatient assistant, who is in charge of keeping our curious kids at bay when I am here.

Growing up in India my debut with cooking happened when I started helping my mom now and then with some simple kitchen chores along with my sister. But once I left home for US as a student, I had to fend for myself. That was when I got first-hand experience in the kitchen and was exposed to a whole world of diverse and exotic cuisines. I started developing new tastes and gradually started recreating my favorite foods from the places I ate. Another obsession of mine is collecting cook books–even in languages that I don’t understand–as long as at least one picture is enticing. In that process I have amassed a sizeable collection, out of which I may have actually cooked from one or two.

I do not come from a line of great cooks. Not even cooks. Period. My mom’s mom never cooked, my dad’s mom never cooked, my mother-in-law never cooked. My mom learnt all her cooking after she got married and got very very good at it. My sister and I were never ‘taught’ to cook. But being impulsive, experimental and with a penchant for novel and unusual stuff, I tried my hands at diverse cuisines at home, for better or worse. And as it turns out, its mostly for better.

Anyway, here I am, further exploring my interests in food and food-photography, and sharing my adventures (and misadventures!) in the kitchen. As evident from the name of this blog, I hope to cover every food that we cannot live without, be it occasional indulgence or comfort food or everyday fare. For starters, I started dusting off my cookbook collection to try some of the recipes while adding my own twist. I am sure I will draw inspiration from some of the fabulous recipes I come across the food blogs. And, of course I will give due credit to the cookbooks, authors or bloggers as appropriate. I hope my ideas and quirks will inspire you to do the same as well!!

Always, love to hear from you!



10 Responses to About

  1. Kiki says:

    Hello Radhika, just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed on a blog award to you at http://dinnerfornone.wordpress.com/2012/04/11/an-award-and-a-dilemma.

  2. viveka says:

    Radhika, got the idea from Wendy to visit you – your nomination of her – and I really like what I see .. and what I have read so fare, so I stick around too. Viveka from Sweden

  3. Your food sounds so enticing and your photos are beautiful.

  4. makeupbyneda says:

    found your chicken tikka masala recipe on pinterest – and have been here some time now exploring everything on your site! haven’t tried a recipe a yet, but you are so well spoken/written and the photos are gorgeous. i look forward to future posts and photos. you’ve got yourself a regular reader!

  5. Mariah says:

    I found you on pintrest and love your recipes. Please post more!

  6. I’m interested in learning about the nuances of Indian cooking / trying some dishes at home and on my own blog. Would it be possible to pick your brain about some dishes maybe through email?

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