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Chatpata Chana

Chatpata Chana, roughly translated as Zesty Chickpeas is a minimum effort tea time or coffee time snack. The best part is it can be made under 10 minutes. All you need is a can of chickpeas and Chaat Masala. Rest … Continue reading

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Super-duper Stuffed Mushrooms

On a whim, I baked these beauties. I saw these mushrooms lurking in my fridge for over three days (yep, I throw them in the fridge when I can’t get to them right away–need to learn some mushroom best practices). … Continue reading

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India meets Israel

No, I am not about to discuss world politics or diplomatic relations. The other day, I found out that something I routinely make in my kitchen has its roots spread from India to Israel to Morocco to name a few. … Continue reading

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